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Now that derrick rose is injured do you think they can beat the celtics?

I think they'll lose in the second round to the celtics in like 6 games. I think rondo gonna abuse cj watson lmao and i know the hawks wont beat the celtics cuz the hawks are terrible lol

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    Actually, I still think the Bulls CAN beat the Celtics. They have like almost the same team like the Celtics. Playoff experience, great coaches, and great defense.

    However, the Bulls did played well without Rose this year so it shows that they CAN still win without their best player. What the Bulls have over the Celtics in the edge is their bench. They have one of the best bench in the league with guys like Gibson, Korver, and Lucas. The Celtics had one of the worst bench this year. However, C.J Watson will need to play much better if the Bulls want to win the series. If they do a solid job of NOT letting Rondo break down their defense, they should still win.

    However, losing Rose will hurt them because Rose puts a lot of pressure on your defense because he CAN break down a defense like Rondo and pass it out to the open man.

    Bulls lose in 7 games.

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    The Bulls were not a favorite to win the NBA Finals, but they were in the discussion. Many people thought that they were out of the playoff race when Rose went down earlier in the year, but they were able to win and stay in the chase. Derrick Rose has missed 27 games this season, the second most games missed by a reigning MVP. The Bulls are 18-9 this season without him."

    So the Bulls win two-thirds of the time without him, but that is regular-season basketball, not the playoffs where stars are made. Before yesterday's game, Joakim Noah said, "We know that to get to where we want to get to we need Derrick playing at a high level. Injuries are a part of the game. We've dealt with his absence very well, but it's always good to have your ace on the court."

    The Bulls will likely be able to defeat the 76ers in the first round, even without Rose. They were 3-1 against the team during the regular season. Rose played in only two of these games, one of which was the loss. So the team can win against Philly, but it will be a struggle.

    Luckily, the Bulls are led by Coach Thibodeau who told his team, "We have more than enough to win with."

    In terms of the first round, this doesn't change things too much. The Bulls will probably win, although it's not a sure thing. Which means they'll likely face the Celtics in the second round.

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    Bulls beat Celtics twice without Rose and almost 3 times. Rondo had an outstanding game 30-35 pts with a triple double, they only won by 4 points.

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    The Bulls might not even beat the 76ers now let alone the Celts LOL. Losing their whole team (derrick rose) was a huge blow and automatically knocked them out of the playoffs, even if they do beat the 76ers they will lose soon. Probably second round

    Regular season doesn't mean anything, when the playoffs start, a new atmosphere starts and players start trying way harder than they do during the regular season.

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    I agree with you, celtics will win in 6

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    I agree with Fola

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    It doesn't matter,neither can beat the heat

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    No I dont think they will win ! :)

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