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Im 13 and have an itchy red rash on penis?

for a month now the shaft of penis is red and itchy and my scrotum is red and itchy too. i have used baby oil, cetaphil, nivea, nothing is working. the nivea worked for 2 days then started to itch again. baby oil barely helped. cetaphil did nothing. i dont know what it could be. i masturbate too but i dont know if that plays a role in why i have this rash. please help!!

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  • Burden
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    9 years ago
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    If you masturbate dry it can irritate the penis and if you use lube and then do not wash it off completely this could happen. More background info could help determine a cause but it really just sounds like a hygiene issue. Gotta keep it clean.

  • Anonymous
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    do you shave? Cus in that case it's probably just razor burns, they will go away on their own, so just keep putting on a moisturizer to help the itching for now.

    If you don't shave, you might be having an allergic reaction to your detergent, particularly if you get rashes other places too.

    If that's not it either, then visit your doctor about it, it's got nothing to do with your masturbation at least:)

  • dasher
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    9 years ago

    try powder instead of oil...

    it sounds like the area is too warm amd moist

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