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My 16 year old Chihuahua sustained some pretty bad injuries today. My younger female attacked her while we were away. They usually get along well together, I don't know what got into her. But we had to take her in for an emergency visit to the vet expecting to have her put down because she could barely stand and was bleeding pretty badly. However, the vet said her lungs and heart sounded good and her wounds weren't terribly bad. She gave her some pain meds and antibiotics as well as some to bring home with her. But now she's lethargic and a bit stiff. She's breathing heavily and won't open her eyes. Could it be the pain medicine making her this way? Or should I be prepared to lose her? I hate watching her suffer this way. When I try to pick her up and move her she can't even hold her head up, it just flops. I've had her for so's tearing me up :'(


If I call the vet this late...they will think i'm insane, especially after we were just there two hours ago. That's why I asked here...I thought someone might know how a small dog reacts to pain medication. That is after all what this category is for, right?

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    Yes. Pain meds can make you nauseous and sleepy. Side effects are likely to be stronger in small dogs.

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    More than likely this is just from the pain meds but it definitely wouldn't hurt to contact the vet and ask.

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    Call your dogs vet and talk to him about it.

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