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How do you download a dvd onto a Mac?

I have a mac OS X 10.7.3. Everything I have found to download DVDs are for different versions. I've tried using Handbrake but it says it's not compatible with the version of VLC that I have. When I download VLC, it says the same thing and the cycle continues, and when I try to download the movie, it comes out as a bunch of pixels. Can someone help me?

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    Handbrake on OS X will rip and decode DVDs assuming you have VLC installed as well. It uses VLC's decoding libraries. Just make sure that the version of VLC(32bit vs 64bit version VLC) is compatible with Handbrake.

    Another easy way is to use Mac DVD Ripper, I personally use Doremisoft DVD Converter for Mac, and you can download it for a try.

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    I use Macx DVD Ripper. It works wonderfully. It can do most DVDs but some of them are protected by Disney so you would have to upgrade if you wanted that. The free version still works completely fine though.

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    Hey there,

    If you need to download Handbrake you can get it here for free


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    I use iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac v2.5.2... and it does its job pretty well.

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