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Could something be happening between her and this guy?

My girlfriend Bethany has been going to Wal Mart a lot recently and I figured out why. There's this new guy named Gary who works there and she's been talking to him a lot when she goes there (I think he's the main reason, because a year ago she swore she would never to to Wal Mart again). I followed her on a weekend (she said she wanted to go to Wal Mart to get some things) and I saw her talking to him and enjoying herself. I got kind of jealous, but shrugged it off as they were just friends. Then, I saw her kiss his cheek and leave. That got me mad. I didn't want to make assumptions and make her mad, then make her wonder why I was following her in the first place. This guy has been cutting into the time we spend together, and it makes me nervous to think that this guy could be taking her away from me. Is there possibly something happening (I don't know what they do when I'm not watching her) or am I just looking too much into it?


Yea, he looks our age.

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    Sorry buddy, I know I am not the expert here, but looks like you are losing the chase. Unless Gary is a relative (Uncle or older) - guess your girl prefers to hang around him than you.

    So, does she shop when she goes to Wal-Mart - or just to hang around this guy?

    Whatever, to my knowledge - u don't kiss a counter guy or sales guy (whatever they are called) just for doing your bill or packing your stuff? Right? So, something is happening - stop kidding yourself otherwise.

    My advise - confront your girl with this - get it out in the open - imagine what your friends would say if they saw your girl kissing this guy?

    Be prepared to move on if she prefers Gary, and last but not the least, be the gentleman always!

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    before you confront your girlfriend. talk to the guy casually ask if he is seeing anyone. stuff like that. you might need to gain his trust first. through him you will know. thats when you confront your girlfriend

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