I need an easy to use program that will allow me to create custom prints and floor plans (like drafting)?

I'm designing a project that I want to make with wood and metal, and before I start I need a print to go off of. I'd much rather use a computer program than draw it out by hand, so it will be more precise and neat. Is there a program or application that lets me do this? I'd prefer it to be mac compatible but any is fine except Linux.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try google sketchup "http://sketchup.google.com/%22

  • nasser
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    4 years ago

    Microsoft had a application stated as Frontpage that replaced into sturdy, yet they discontinued making use of it some years interior the previous. you're in a position to have the skill to stumble on a duplicate around the information superhighway someplace. Evenually, you're in a position to have the skill to apply Notepad together with myself, or Moose

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