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Obtaining a serval as a pet?

So I've done my research on exotic animals as pets and I've come across two that are beautiful and I've seen people have as pets. The sand cat and the serval. I live in Louisiana and I checked the exotic pet laws for Louisiana and all it says is that I cant own a bigger animal ( ex lions, tigers, wolves, and bears) as a pet. But how would I go about owning a serval?

Also, all my life I've wanted an owl, are there any places I can go to get an owl? Preferably in baton rouge area but I'm willing to travel a little further.

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    You can't have a serval there it is considered a wild animal.

    Just get an f1 savannah cat. They are part serval and very pretty and get very big.nyou can even take it for walks outside on a leash :) they also love to swim.

    Source(s): My friend has an F1 savannah cat
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    A leopard has an unpredictable temperament and grows very great. subsequently, leopards at the instant are not suitable to maintain in a house as pets. A leoopard could harm somebody by danger via the distinctive function of their length and capability or you would be able to desire to become agitated and lose that is temper and kill the criminal. the sole breed of cat that makes a reliable relatives puppy is the felix domesticus breed. Cats, many times are very unpredictable.

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