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Why do we not stay drunk?

I know how we get drunk, but why, once the ethanol molecules have attached to our receptors, leave? Why wouldn't they just stay there forever? Does our immune system attack them or something?

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    You have two enzymes that break down alcohol - alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase. Part of the tolerance you build toward alcohol is that you make more and more enzyme, so that eventually you metabolize it before you can get drunk; hence people drinking entire 12 packs in a short time. Certain populations that haven't historically used a lot of alcohol (East Asians) have deficiencies in alcohol dehydrogenase and experience Asian flush. It is possible that they would stay drunk for longer. We used alcohol in our water to disinfect it, while Asians boiled their water before they drank it; they boiled it not to drink but to make rice at first - they drank what was left of the boiled water.

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    Our overworked liver breaks alcohol down. Efficient, yes, but it sucks when you just want to stay drunk for a few days.

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    they leave because they hate you.

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