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I can't stand my mother?

So about 2 months ago my mom and dad police checked all my friends and found out that some of them were using drugs (Ecstacy, Codiene, Marijuana, K) so obviously my parents got worried (only 2 friends do these drugs most others just smoke weed and drink. All these kids were in my old neighbourhood, my mom would let me go visit them all the time (before she knew about the drugs) however i have some VERY VERY close friends that i am not allowed to see just cause they live in the area of my 2 drug using friends. So now i can only hang out with people in my new area, however when i do ask to go out to the movies with my new friends i get treated like a 5 year old (my mom needs to call there mom, and she needs to see me with these kids becuase she thinks im sneaking off to my old area) this is very embarassing for a 16 year old boy. I used to be very popular, and i am pretty popular at my new school. but i can never leave my house and i am going insaine. I would just leave and tell my mom to **** off , but my dad (who i dont live with) will come over and beat my ***. He has a very big temper and would flip out if he even knew i talked to kids in my old neighbourhood. I feel isolated and trapped i dont know how to handle this i hate my parents i just wanna leave but i cant! i dont need people telling me im a dumb teen, i just want some advice as too how and cope with this situation it is very stressfull for a 16 year old boy


one thing my mom doesnt understand is that these kids do not influence me.... and i am going to smoke marijuana and drink where ever i am. I UNDERSTAND the health risks...... and i am already 16 there is not much my mom can do to change my mind, and the second i leave for university i am going to do a lot of it..... she doesnt understand im going to do it but she keeps fighting it. (i know i sound like an obnoxious spoiled brat) but my family is disfuctional... my dad has beat me, he cheated on my mom, then my moms new husband has hit me and he is an A*s hole too ...

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    heres a story that may help you,

    when i was 15 i started hanging out with kids who did drugs. they convinced me to do many things i never thought i would do.. ecstasy, weed, pain killers, cccs, xanax and some pills i don't even remember the name of. and i was only 15. from 15-17 i was doing all these things regularly, got wasted on something everyday. being around the wrong people is why i did these things at first but after awhile i did it because i liked it. i ending up stealing and selling my belongings for drugs for me and my ex. can you see how your mother could be scared now? one thing leads to another and then you are screwed. peer pressure is strong, and your mother is trying to protect you from it. i am an adult now and i am clean. if you were my child, i would do the same thing.

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    Shes just being a mother.

    You wont understand until the day you have children of your own.

    You might hate them now but you'll appreciate it in the long run.

    They dont want those other kids having a bad influence on you and honestly I dont blame them and this is coming from a 23 year old.

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    Well your parents are just trying to protect you and that I understand but up to an extent. I think you should talk it out to your parents. I think you should tell them that they should trust you more and with that you can make them feel guilty. Tell them the truth and well that you are responsible and very trustworthy. Tell them that your a teenage boy trying to enjoy life, and tell them that you don't do drugs like your friends because you grew up with amazing parents like them. That you won't disrespect and lie to them. Hope this works I mean I do this all the time and it always works ;)

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    Have you tried talking it out with her and explaining that living in a particular place doesn't necessarily mean you act like everyone else who lives there?

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