I push out people who love me for those who don't care?

I used to be part of the popular crowd and being pushed out was pretty depressing. I struggled to squeeze my way in and but pretty much giving up now. Thing is, I value the popular people more than my friends. I take them for granted and I hate it.

Help? Thanks xx

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  • Mugen
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    9 years ago
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    Seems like your a sucker for abuse! Forget popularity, unless you like idiot back stabbing friends. But! You really don't deserve your good friends. You should apologize to them and ask if they will still have you as a friend. You will be allot better off with a few good friends than a thousand so called friends who you know you can't trust. What kind of person would hold any value in that? Oh! A young person who think popularity is some how the greatest thing life has to offer! Get your eyes off those people and hang around with people who actually like you. Do you really like abuse that bad?! Your only gonna get hurt by those people and in return, hurt your friends for your failures and perhaps you'll blame them for it.

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