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What type of parakeet food should I get?

Please answer this only if you have or have had a parakeet.

I am hopefully getting a parakeet soon and I was looking and all the different types of food> which is best? There's no bird vet to tell and the pet store told me the most expensive kind.

Here are the types:

Vitakraft® Parakeet Food

FM Brown's Encore Premium Parakeet Food

Hartz Vita-Mix Parakeet Diet

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food

ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Premium Food for Small Birds

All Living Things™ Parakeet Daily Diet

What kind do you use for your parakeet? why?


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    Hi Haddie! Thanks for considering Hartz food for your future parakeet. We have put together a photo of all the ingredients in our parakeet food to help you better understand what your bird is eating. http://hartz.us/JNeMEb

    Complementing this photo in the same album are detailed descriptions on the health benefits of each ingredient listed in the picture. Hope this helps!

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    I recommend either Zupreem fruit blend and Golden Feast Australian blend

    along with this feed

    Fresh fruits and veggies, pasta, price

    Avoid Chocolate, Avocados, wine, beer, liqueur, coffee, soda

    My parrotlet gets zupreem and golden feast Australian blend along with fresh fruits and veggies...sometimes a piece of cheese, or a cracker or even a Doritos or a cheese puff....popcorn but all in moderation.

    spray millet is okay too once in a while...

    I avoid seed diets because seed diets are high in FAT...and can lead to fatty liver syndrome, gout, etc....I avoid all foods and other products by HARTZ....sorry my preference I just don't like the brand...and not even my fish or dogs or cats get any of their products there are better products on the market other than HARTZ...

    A GOOD avian vet should have a good packet of information on bird nutrition....find one...

    EDIT: Harrison's food is another GREAT product...but only available through veterinarians

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    Personally, I don't use the pre-mixed "fortified" foods, as they usually have loads of added colours, preservatives etc that just aren't necessary. The mixture looks great to the buyer, but that doesn't make it any better quality for your budgie. They're also very expensive compared to plain seed. I'd recommend you just get a quality seed mix, around 40% millet, 40% canary seed and 20% hulled oats. It's more natural for them, and it's cheaper too! As long as you feed fresh veggies and fruit as well, this is a completely natural and healthy diet for them :)

    Source(s): I keep budgies
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