My leg got burned a long time ago...?

So like 10 years ago when i was a little kid i got hot oil on a part of my right leg and it of course butned me.

So here i am 10 years later with my leg, its just that now the part of my (right) leg that got burned is noticeably darker than the rest of my skin

What do i do to fix it?

I asked my mom and she said it could be fixed with skin grafts as in take skin from other parts of my body and put over the burned part of my leg - or something like that, but she says i have to be 18 to get that so i shouldnt even worry about it now.

I told my doctor and she said that is just how my skin is. In my mind im like "wtf is wrong wih you i know for a fact my skin isnt supposed to look like that naturally"

I can't even bring it up anymore because my mom gets mad and says its not a big deal, but i think it kinda is because i don't feel comfortable wearing anything that doesnt completely cover my legs and at school we have to wear gym uniforms which is a t-shirt and shorts and the burned part of my leg is exposed and ive been made fun of about it before and i was so embarassed and upset

My question is: Is there anything i can do to fix my leg and get it to look as if nothing ever happened????

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  • 9 years ago

    Olive oil has been used for millennia to condition the skin and treat scarring and discoloration. Most proponents say to apply liberally. In my experience though, a few drops with plenty of hot water works just fine. It's not an immediate fix, but if you stick with it you should notice results after a few weeks.

    If you're not patient enough for that, there are commercially available products for the reduction of discoloration and scarring. Some of these products are just expensive rip-offs, and others tend to be caustic and should be handled with care. Used improperly they can cause severe damage including chemical burns and nerve damage. I suggest you consult with a dermatologist before using such products as there are also products available with a prescription which may give superior results.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    To lighten skin I would mix Pure yogurt with ground oats milk and honey and apply every night before bed. You can also try rubbing lemon slices on the dark area to lighten it..I'm not sure if this will work with ur situation but it did for my dark circles and bad tan good luck and ignore those people they aren't worth getting upset over :)

  • 9 years ago

    They make bleaching cream to help fade scars and such.Ask your doctor for it. I used that when I burned my calf on a hot motorcycle pipe. The spot was almost completely black and it faded to where you cant see it any longer

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