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I am a teen guy in high school I am in many clubs such as art club music club gay straight alliance science club and a few other school functions. I am also in drivers Ed and after school often go for extra help. I have been applying for many jobs and still can't find any I will keep trying I won't give up. I'm Bisexual and love warped tour and metal music I have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before where can I find one? People often say I'm clingy and awkward how can I change that? I also go to a lot of restaurants movies and hang out with family the one thing I don't have is many reliable "friends" I talk to people and people talk to me but no one hangs out with me please help I will cut myself :( I want friends and a relationship and a job I want a better life it's not like I have no complete life at all I have a life and interests clubs hobbies etc like also billiards baseball golf but I want to have more fun parents are very strict help

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  • 9 years ago
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    first off, stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop threatening to harm yourself. it's not cool and people don't like that sh*t. second off, finding a job in this economy is tough. there are people with college degrees that can't even get a job. I don't even have a job and I've been looking for a year straight now. Maybe you're looking in the wrong places for friends. Try branching out a bit more. Step out of your comfort zone. Go someplace you don't usually hang out at. You say you like metal, try going to more shows. Don't rely on others to make you happy either (that's where the clingyness comes). You're only a teen so I can understand why your parents are strict but I can't really help you on that part. Just be more positive and you'll attract people in your life. Meeting people isn't that hard. Just be yourself, be confident, be positive, and branch out!

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