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1971 North American Girls MKI Raleigh Chopper, any idea what it's worth?

I have acquired a 1971 North American Girl's MKI Raleigh Chopper and I would like to find out how much it's worth. Can't find much about this model specifically, only enough to verify what it is. It has some rust damage, a small tear in the seat and a broken front fender. It could use a tune up, new inner tubes and tires but otherwise is functional and still shifts. I took it for a test ride today. Looking forward to hearing what kind of responses I get.

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    The bikes are quite rare in girls models. If correct, your bike was also called an "Export Series", made with doo dads that were only provided on bikes brought to the US and Canada. I don't think they were ever sent to Mexico.

    This particular model flies in the face of most girls models inasmuch that they are so rare that they are actually valued MUCH higher than the boys models.

    If a 3 speed model, a fair price in the condition you describe would be between $200-300. A 5 speed derailleur model would have a reasonable value of $300-500. A 5 speed internally geared model would bring $400-600, and a "holy grail" 10 speed model could fetch up to about $800.

    HOWEVER, you need to keep in mind that there are forgeries out there where a boys bike (particularly in purple color) had the top tubes cut away. If this is the case (and it is usually pretty tough to tell) the value approaches, um, zero.

    Note that all of the girls bikes had shifters on the handlebars, not the downtube or top tube. Top tubes signify a boys bike regardless of color.

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