What is wrong with me?? Read please ):?

So i think i may have an eating disorder but im not exactly sure. Here are some of the signs of what's going on:

-I hate looking the mirror bc of how i look

-I can make myself not hungry

-After i eat, i wait alittle and puke

-I always think about puking

-When i don't eat for a long time, i start to get:


**my vision gets blurry

**i feel light headed

-After throwing up:

** i feel relieved

**i start to feel depressed

**cry at times

- Tired alot

- I look dead alittle

-I've puked 5 times in the past 3 days

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    You have an eating disorder. Don't be ashamed because there is help out there to get you back on track. Talk to your parents if you feel comfortable, talk to your school counselors, even look up local therapists or call your doctor. Get help ASAP because you don't want to harm your body any longer, and don't feel ashamed.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think you have bulimia. talk to somebody, you body will shut down and you could die. please, get help.

    oh and most importantly, you are BEAUTIFUL<3

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