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What Traits of A Person Do You Consider "Beautiful"?

Their hair color?

Their eye color?

Their height?

Their weight?

Their skin tone?

Their hair length?

Their face shape?

Their personality?

Their laugh?

The list goes on. And on. And on. XD

Many people are picky with who they want to date, while others are open to whomever. I, personally, find interest in people's personalites and humor over physical traits - although they do come in play at times XP

What traits of a person both PHYSICALLY and PERSONALITY wise do consider "beautiful"? (Anyone of any sexuality can answer this!) I am just curious to see what others say :) I like seeing different peoples opinions and similarities/differences. Ik...I'm weird... XD

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  • hair: usually dark brown or dirty blonde. bright red or orange artificial colors.

    eyes: green all the way.

    height: usually medium, or shorter.

    weight: doesn't matter much. i don't find it too attractive if someone is starving them self, though.

    skin tone: i really can go with anything here. black, mulatto, hispanic and fair-skinned come to mind. If someone has naturally pale or light skin, i'm not a big fan of heavy tanning.

    hair length: choppy and medium-length, long, or extremely short. Messy is always nice.

    face shape: strong jawlines on girls are pretty cool.

    personality: intelligence. people who are interested in music or literature. people with extreme passion, creativity, and drive. i like confident people, but at the same time, i think awkwardness is extremely adorable.

    laugh: hm, i dont know how to put laughs into words. more laid-back laughs instead of a cackle? ha.

    some bonuses: i'm really attracted to certain voices and when people smell good, thats a plus.

    i'm not too picky, i'm into a lot.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    =a cute face is a must have...I can even probably date a SLIGHTLY chubby guy if he had a nice cute face

    =just as tall as I am or somewhat taller

    =Most of the guys I have been into have been fair skinned




    =animal lover

    =down to earth



    =love/passion for his chosen career


    =has a sense of humor

  • Dimple
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    9 years ago

    For women, high cheek bones, proportional nose according to face. Big cat eyes...long lashes...full lips. A clear voice, between 5'5 and 5'10.

    Hour glass figure...good posture....weight from 110 to 175...

    Straight flawless teeth.

    Wears clothing appropriate to the function and time of day.

    Confident, calm, soft nature...

    Friendly, keeps clean, keeps her residence in an orderly conditiion

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Outer beauty is almost always going to be : fit, symmetrical face, nice hair, bright eyes, etc, as healthy equals beauty.

    Inner beauty is, for me, a person who genuinely gives a sh*t about others, community, environment, the planet. I guess you can call it as having self-respect, only when you respect yourself can you respect things outside of yourself.

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