Which plot is best for the first book in this series?

I'm writing a paranormal romance series, and I don't know which book I want to be the start of it. It's kind of like the Immortals After Dark Series or the Black Dagger Brotherhood in the way that each book centers around a different couple, but overall, the series has the same characters. I know the overall plot of the series, but I don't know which story would be best to start it with. This is what I've narrowed it down to:

Dimitri is a lycan trying to resurrect his brother, Ivan. His plan is to kidnap Colette, a necromancer and force her to resurrect him, restoring the true lycan king to the throne. Colette is a relatively young necromancer with not nearly enough power to resurrect an immortal, but Dimitri has made it clear he won’t let her go until she does as he asks. They soon find a way for her to resurrect Ivan, but it risks her life. When Dimitri recognizes Colette as his destined mate, will he be prepared to take that risk?

Asha is a valkyrie cursed never to feel the pain of love. Cade is the incubus stupid enough to fall for her. Somehow he makes her feel for the first time in nearly three thousand years, but incubi have a curse placed on them to ensure they create no hybrids. Any immortal besides a succubus that lets one into their bed forfeits their immortality.

A hunt for a fury leads half-breed, Bela Sinclair to England, home of a powerful lycan plan, Bela finds herself in deep trouble with their king, Ian. Bela seduces the unwitting lycan in hopes of escaping him. Ian refuses to let her go, hunting her across the world in hopes of revenge, but he cannot bring himself to hurt the fury. But how can he pursue a relationship with someone who hates immortals?

Caliban is the youngest of the Triad and known as the screw-up of the family. After a brief encounter with a banshee, he now has her sister, Ekho, hunting him. He is immediately infatuated with the siren. He offers to help her find her sister, seemingly wanting nothing in return. Ekho is both annoyed and enthralled by the demon stalking her, but she begrudgingly accepts his help. But in doing so, she unknowingly signs on for being targeted by his many enemies.

After the three Erinyes (original furies from mythology) notice the rise in bizarre immortal activity, they dispatch their most deadly assassin to solve the problem. Her investigation leads her to a demon named Theon. The demon has been working hard to avoid his destiny with the Triad, bound only by obligation to his brothers. When a fury needs his help to stop an oncoming apocalypse, he jumps at the chance to put off his duty for a little longer.

And, yeah, I know the genre can be kind of lame, but it sells well, and I've always liked the paranormal, and being married has turned me into a romantic. Plus, I'm hoping if my writing is good enough I can keep it from being cheesy or stupid. Oh, and the names are definitely not permanent. They're likely to change, but I wanted to pick something to start with.


I should probably add that this novel is for adults, not teens. I can't stand teen novels.

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    I'm sorry if this question doesn't answer your question, but I have a point that I really want you to see before you start writing.

    The thing that all current publishers are looking for in books like this ('trend' novels, i.e, anything with werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc.) is ORIGINALITY. In other words, if you want your work to catch anyone's attention, you have to prove that what you have is more special than the supernatural teenage novel that another writer happens to be shoving in their faces. You have to prove that what you have is special in the way that only you can write successfully.

    And just so that you know, your ideas sound fantastic.

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    properly, everybody fairly has their own way of writing a e book. in my opinion, I basically commence off with a concept and write from there. i do not ever plan out my tale. I basically enable the words bypass because it form of feels extra organic that way than once you've a series purpose. yet, like I stated, that is an opinion.

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