5 effects of the earth's rotation?

I'm doing a crossword puzzle and I need 5 words. I tried my note book but no luck. Please help my parner is depending on me


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    1.the creation of the slipnslide 2. Rockafeller building 3. semi-professional field hockey 4. irish people 5. AIDs

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    1) Night (obvious)

    2) Day (obvious)

    3) Coriolis effect: Trade winds in the northern and southern hemisphere

    4) Rocket launches: Objects close to the equator rotate with the earth. Because the diameter of the earth is larger at the equator than any other point on the earth, the tangential velocity of these objects is the greatest. This means it takes less rocket power to attain earth orbit or escape velocity from launches close to the equator.

    5) Geosynchronous orbits: Satellites orbiting at 23,000 miles above the earth rotate the earth once per day. Thus they remain over the same point on the earth, an important aspect for some satellites. If the earth were not rotating, geosynchronous orbits would not be possible.

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    Day and night

    High tides and Low tides


    Coriolis effect

    Time zones

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    Coriolis effect

    north pole

    south pole

    time zones

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