I feel so much more confident now.. And it's because of guys? Am I weak?

Guys have started telling me how pretty I am. O.o Like, in the past two months, around 20 guys told me I'm pretty. I even had my first boyfriend (now ex), who would also tell me that. XD I didn't go out much before that, but not even guys from my school were telling me I'm pretty. I used to be really shy two months ago, but I'm not that shy anymore. I have had a few guys asking me if I would date them, and I'd say no XD Because I don't really like them. Before those two months, maybe two guys IN MY LIFE told me I'm pretty, and I'm definitely sure no one liked me. -.-

Is it possible that my looks somehow changed (I lost some weight, but not too much, recently)? And is it weird that I feel like a week female because my confidence increased A LOT because of those guys, and it affected my social life? But I like it that way, I kind of like their attention, and I would get jealous if a guy who had some attention for me would turn to another girl, even though I don't like him. :/ I am 16, by the way...


Well, even some older guys (18+) seem to have an interest in me. And I didn't just hit puberty.. it hit me when I was like 12.

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  • 9 years ago
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    No, it doesn't make you weak. You're only weak if you start trying to show off. Remember to be humble, or else your looks will be wasted.

  • 9 years ago

    I wouldn't categorize you as weak. Everyone likes to get compliments.

    Your looks may have changed, maybe you have just hit puberty. It could just be that the boys have hit puberty and are starting to get interested in girls, so they are noticing you.

    There is nothing to worry about, just take the compliments and stay confident.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Its okay to feel like that! Don't worry its perfectly fine, & feeling jelous is normal too I feel the same. You're just a flower that bloomed & get ready because a lot of boys are going to start noticing you :) enjoy you're youth :D

  • MD
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    9 years ago

    No you aren't weak!

    You've gained confidence which is an awesome thing! Congrats!!

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