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Blood in Sperm, Urine Perfectly Fine?

I'm 20 years old. Always use a condom during sex.

I've been doing research and it all comes down to "Hematospermia"

Now i'm peeing perfectly fine (no blood, no problems)

Feces fine (No blood, no problems)

Now this happened to me yesterday and since then I have ejaculated twice. Once after it happened and another today(only to see if it happens again). And to my dismay it happened again (both times).

I was wondering how many days should I wait to check? Should I go to my doctor? From what i've been reading I don't have any symptoms for Prostate Cancer and am too young for Kidney Stones.

I would really like and appreciate a second opinion. Please to anyone out there. Help!!


I keep feeling a weird sensation from my penis. It doesn't hurt or anything but doesn't feel normal either.

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    It happens more often than people think but doesn't make it any less disconcerting.

    I would check in with the doctor just the same. Possible stricture? Or some issue with is an article you may find helpful.

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    Is she confident that she isn´t close to to having her era, each and every in certain circumstances there´s some bloody discharge some days earlier to getting your era. If she has urine in her blood my first guess can be a bladder an infection or urinary music an infection. if that's the case she needs a urine pattern and performance it examined at her medical doctors. Antibiotics can fix a uti in some days, your female friend must be certain a well being practitioner in spite of the indisputable fact that, this isn't something to sense awkward about.

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    you can still pick up some thing from a partner with a condom, most are spread from body fluids-----like sweat, kissing, oral sex, if it stays with you for a wk, you will have to get tested at a clinic kk

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