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Had twins a few weeks ago, people saying I'm too skinny?

I had twins at the beginning of April and I went down to my pre pregnancy weight pretty fast. I was around 125 lbs before I got pregnant and now I'm 117. I lost a lot of weight really fast. A little less than a week ago I was 127. I breast feed the twins and my doctor said I could lose more weight because of it but is ten lbs in that amount of time healthy. Someone told me I looked too skinny for just having twins April 2...I'm 5'5 in case it makes any difference but do you think I should be worried or is that normal?

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    Ahh don't worry about it, they're probably just jealous for not being able to lose their baby weight so fast/at all. Everything happens at different rates for everyone. I was back to my pre pregnancy body within 4 days of having my son. I averaged around 110lbs before pregnancy and was back to it within 4 days with no flab or stretch marks on my belly and I've always (before and after pregnancy) been a size 8 (UK)

    Congratulations on your two beautiful babies and losing your baby weight so quick :)

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    It does seem like a lot of weight at once, but I had just one baby and I had the same thing happen! I was 182 when I was 9 months, 171 after the delivery, and dropped to 162 a week later. Of course, I've gained it all back over six months and that sucks. I'm not breastfeeding though, so that may be why.

    But if you are concerned, you should give your OB a call. You'll have your follow-up in a few weeks, but they may see you sooner if there's reason to worry. Everyone is different, but if you feel fine, you're probably okay.

    Otherwise, take it as a compliment!

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    Didn't your doctor tell you that when you are breastfeeding, you need to be on a higher calorie diet?

    Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about what you should be eating and what vitamin supplements you need to be taking while breastfeeding.

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    I think its normal I went back to my regular size after I had my child it was like I was never pregnant.

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    I wish my weight fell off like that.....your fine they are probably just jealous. As long as you are eating well i wouldnt worry about it.

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    listen to your doctor. if he thinks your weight is ok then you are ok.

    dont be worried

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