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What manga did I read?

I CANNOT find the manga that I want to read and I remember little about it. I really wanted to read it too...

Well here goes.

The manga had a lot of action and sci-fi like stuff in it, It ado could have been fantasy, There are weird people with powers in it as well. People die a lot in the story too.

The main character was a boy who was relatively young. (10-15) he was naive and nice, and not very smart. But he gets involved into a fight and had to be saved by another boy/ man (can't remember)

It turns out the main character is not human. He is some kind of animal this and i think he transforms into it a couple times. The animal is cute, shaped like a sausage with big eyes. ( I think it looks a little like wiz from D.N.Angel) and apparently so people want to experiment on him and dissect him or something but he is saved by his friends.

That's where I stopped reading. T-T sorry if it's not much.

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