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How to keep drawings consistent?

I have no trouble with keeping the height, head, and eyes consistent and proportional, but the hair is ALWAYS exactly off. For example, whenever I draw strands of hair, more than one is usually on the far left even though it's supposed to be in the middle! DX How am I supposed to draw comics if I can't even keep the hair consistent?!?!

So, are there any methods to fix that besides drawing the character over and over again or using grids?

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    find guidelines that help you draw the hair in the first place.and then practice with those. guidelines are used for everything else, worth a shot.

    remember too though that hair it the part of the body that tends to move the most. so you have alot of leeway. its actually more realistic if its not perfect at all.

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    Nope, those are it. Just takes practice--a lot of practice.

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