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Help!!! Art and Architecture in the 1920's?

So I have a paper on how art and architecture changed in the 1920's and how it helped create the golden age. I'm confused on what to talk about. So far I've gathered different types of art styles used in the 1920's but im not sure if they are all correct or even if to use all of them. Which of the following art movements were the most important of the 1920s or which ones should I mostly focus on???

Modernism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Realism, Dadaism, Art Deco , Precisionism, Futurism, Constructivism, The Harlem Renaissance, and American Scene Painting.

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    All of those, barring the last two, were a big deal in the Western art scene. The confusion you might be feeling is probably stemming from a lack of tmeline. You have to look at the exact points when each of these movements sprang up and also the stimulus that incited each into existence.

    While some movements progressed from one to the other in a natural evolution of thought, in other cases, two opposing movements would spring up simultaneously, depending on artists reactions to the groundbreaking developments occuring in the world around them.

    You also need to look at the outside influences that inspired these movements and how they fit into the "golden age". eg. Futurism being directly influenced by the great strides made in technological and industrial development.

    One of the best reference books for any Art History student is 'Art Through the Ages' by Helen Gardner. Get your hands on one

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