Do you need special paper for Copic sketch markers?

I'm thinking of buying copic sketch markers, and I'm wondering if I can use normal paper or if I need special kind of paper??

Also does anyone know where they sell them cheap???

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    9 years ago
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    The Best paper for Copic Markers is Bristol Board. It holds the colors really well, let me show you a great artist who uses Bristol Board and copic markers with MAXIUM SKILL >.<!

    Most of the drawings on his website are either copic markers on bristol board, arcylic paints on...something else....I think. Anyway, take a looks he makes magic.

    There are other types of paper you can use, copic markers will work on any type of paper, but certain papers,, abosrb to much of the ink, or two little of it, and you can get streeks in the paper, and such if that's the case. (Or waste a lot of ink on heavily absobant soft paper >.<)

    Copic markers are so exspenive I would use them mainly for finished works, and thus, you should use the best paper with those works...and Bristol Board is just the paper for the job.

    Don't use cheap-o computer paper with'll just be disapointed (I

    Source(s): Copic Marker owner! Edit: Yeah...sadly I dont' think you can find copic markers cheap...quality comes at a price. >.< Sorry.
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    4 years ago

    I personally use copic markers, I have only 16 out of the 300 (there are more than 300 but I'm not sure how many exactly and I'm too lazy to look it up), I also have 3 prismacolors, the main difference are the nibs. They both are double sided and have one end that is bigger than the other to color with more range. The main thing that people look for in these type of markers are that the ink is alcohol based that gives it a nice even coloring and are able to blend really well and look like it is printed out. But the main difference is the smaller nib, prismacolors have a fine nib for getting into small places. The copic markers (sketch and ciao) have a brush nib. The copic markers mainly use the brush nib which is why it doesn't have an ordinary fine nib like prismacolors. However the original copic marker (btw there are 4 types of copics: Original, ciao, sketch, and wide) also has a fine nib but the ciao and sketch have brush nibs, wide is just super wide for doing backrounds. I used copics at first because everyone said a lot of good things about it and it was especially for manga which is what I'm practicing. but since your doing fashion design I think that you should use prismacolor.

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