help! Blood clot question!?

I'm 21 and generally healthy besides being overweight. I'm active during the summer but usually during school I'm mostly sitting during the day with 10 minute walks to class a few times a day. However, recently my legs have been getting this aching pain at night and I'm petrified of blood clots. Sometimes its in my calves or sometimes its like behind my knees if I've been crossing my legs (which I try not to do because I know its bad). Would this be the start of blood clots? Would it be blood clots? Or is it just that my legs ache from not getting enough circulation? I waitress during the summer and in january so I'm always on my feet and noticed that I am starting to get small varicose veins, but during school is when my legs seem to get this ache. Any suggestions?

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    9 years ago
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    Signs/symptoms of a blood clot in the lower leg (normally where you will get them) would include swelling, redness, and extreme pain to the area. If you find that your lower leg is getting swollen and red, call your doctor immediately.

    What you have just sounds like you need some exercise, maybe do some walking daily.

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    you dont have a blood clot, those arent signs of a blood clot, signs of a blood clot is a swelling area, that is red and the skin feels hot. your legs hurt bc your overweight, and your legs get tired from supporting your extra weight, and you need much more exercise than waiting tables lol

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