The fan on my 02 Chrys T&C 3.8L don't turn on to cool off the radiator?

and when they ran a wire to straight shot it it turned on... so my question is what is wrong with it is it the sensor or what?? Please help if you have dealt with this issue before. I know I can put a toggle switch in as a short term fix but would like to know what it is that needs to be done to not blow my engine, mu=ind you no engine lights come on and the van isn't overheating it's on the half like like it should be but the radiator keeps loosing fluid and no apparent leaks just the fan not coming on.


I checked into that and it's actually a radiator fan relay. The switch but I was told by someone today that might be that my thermostat isn't working as it should but not totally bad and to change that first since it's way cheaper to do and easily I'm gonna do that first and then see if I need the relay but thank you for answering and giving me the input.

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  • 9 years ago
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    you have 1 or 2 fan control switches on the engine that control when the fan comes on and off, apparently one of those switches are bad, get it checked out.

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