i have computer problems?

okay my mom computer wont get WIFI but my computer does my shows all the network and my moms computer doesn't how do i fix it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Need more information, FIRST: What computer? Is it an apple or PC? any specs would be helpful. Also what version of windows are you running (if its windows)

    Also, does it have a wireless card? If it doesn't then you are not going to get a wireless signal, end of story.

    If it DOES have a wireless card make sure it is functioning. If it is a laptop, identify where the wireless switch is and make sure that it is in the ON position. Also make sure that your wireless card is installed correctly in device manager.

    If it's a desktop, make sure that the card is installed correctly physically and detected/installed correctly on the computer (also in device manager)

    Until I get more info I doubt anyone can help.

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