Cashier problems at fast food restaurant?

So I work for a fast food restaurant as a cashier( hired recently ). When I got to the job, the manager ( or someone else, Im not really sure) resigned the till to me. I over the cash register and performed my daily routine. When the time finally came for me to get off, I counted the money in the till to check if it was the correct amt., however it stated I was off 9 dollars and some change, which is ridiculous because I know for sure will never let that happen. I called the manager and even counted it twice, but she told me to accept that I'm short of money.

*** My question is whay should I do in a situation where I know that I wasn't the one who caused such a huge sum of money shortage, even though I was assigned the cash register?

- I feel like Im being accused of money b/c im new and of my past mistakes.

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    9 years ago
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    9 dollars and some change ain't ****.

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    9 years ago

    What you have to do in a situation where you are dealing with MONEY is to make up your mind about how vigilant you are going to be. Me personally i would not even start until I had counted (twice) the drawer and made sure it was correct. If it should have $200 it better have $200 if its short before I even start we are going to get it resolved right then and there. During the course of my shift I don't want anyone else going into my drawer for any reason (including managers). Some places will try to make you pay any shortages and others will just write you up and probably fire you if it happens more than once. So with that being the case why would you be out of line to want to have total control of the drawer from start to finish if you are the one having to take the blame for any shortages?..

    You never know someone elses intentions and people do make mistakes....

  • 9 years ago

    In the future count the till before you start using it, to ensure it is right. Managers do make mistakes. If it is right, make sure no one else goes into your till. If a manger goes in, be sure to be around. If it is short at the end of your shift,then you made a error in giving change

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  • 9 years ago

    tell them what happened.

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