Girls : What is your everyday makeup and hair routine? :D?


-Black liquid eyeliner on top winged out.

-Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation.

-Straighten hair.

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    -Powder (To set in place)

    -Eyeliner (Top and a little on the waterline)

    -A dab of blush on both cheeks (Usually a peachy blush)

    -Tinted Lip Balm (e.l.f.'s "Cinnamon" shade

    and ta da! I call it a day. :)

    I leave my hair down, and simply brush it out.

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  • Makeup:

    1. Maybelline #15 FIT ME! concealer

    2. NYC Pressed Face Powder in translucent

    3. Dream Mousse blush in cloud wine

    4. Home made eye shadow primer

    5. Wet and Wild eye shadow pallett in Comfort-Zone (the brown bone, and eyelid, in the more day time section)

    6.curl my lashes and apply maybelline mascara by the faksies in black drama

    7. NYC eyeliner in mocking bird

    8. Revlon lip butter in sugar frosting (005)

    9. Revlon lipstick in satin plum

    10. Loreal Lip gloss in tutti fruti

    Hair: Brush it, straighten the cap out of my hair :3 then hair spray.

    Hope your enjoyed!

    Oh and btw I LOVE the sound of your look :D

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    - A little bit of Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the color 110 and applied with a clean sponge

    -Maybelline Dream Matte powder in the color Cream applied with a E.L.F flat top powder brush

    -A little bit of white eye shadow from L.A colors that I got at the dollar tree but its really good applied

    with just a fluffy eyeshadow brush

    -black liquid eyeliner SLIGHTLY winged on top

    -Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara in black

    -Whatever my fave lip balm is at the time(:


    -Straighten with Chi Air flat iron in the color: Poinsettia

    Btw im 15 c:

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    9 years ago



    Blush Or bronzer

    Finishing powder



    Most likey a bun with side bangs.

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  • Liquid foundation, then i put on a little bit of powder to set it.

    Then i do my eyes with mascara, and a little bit of eyeliner in the top inside corners.

    Then i do blush.

    Then i straighten/curl/put my hair up :)

  • 9 years ago

    Curled hair using curling wand.

    Black eye shadow

    With grey powder sparkle eyeshadow over top


    And clear lip gloss

  • 9 years ago

    Hair:brush it, pin back bangs or straighten bangs and brush again. If it's fizzy I use anti frizz serum, and some days I curl/straighten or put it all in a ponytail


    -nivea soft moisturizer creme

    -physicians formula rx concealer under eyes

    -elf clear brow gel

    (curl eyelashes)

    -NYX doll eyes mascara in long lash

    -NYX doll eyes mascara in volume or almay intense i-color in Black steel

    -lip balm (burts bees, EOS, softlips, say yes o carrots or nivea)

    Sometimes I wear lip gloss too

  • 9 years ago

    hair: just leave it as is. i have curly hair so the night before i put product in it and scrunch it.


    covergirl nature luxe foundation in 305 alabaster

    l'oreal true match powder in N1 to set foundation.

    sephora liquid eyeliner in noir/black, winged out

    Mascara (always changes)

    lip balm/chapstick

    and i'm done:D

  • 9 years ago

    -Chanel hydra moisturizer

    -Amazing cosmetics concealer on sun spots and under eyes (my eye bags are so bad this stuff covers flawlessly)

    -curl lashes then mascara


    -bronzer I like defined cheekbones

    -mac angel lipstick with mac lipglass in c-thru

    *if I'm going clubbing or something ill straighten my hair

  • 9 years ago

    Make up: none.

    Hair: bun or ponytail. Bangs pinned back but I flat iron them once every two weeks w/ the exception of this week since im working on a self portrait in art and had my bangs flat ironed when we started and thet have to stay that way until we finish

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