What should I do to become a veterinarian at a zoo?

So I'm only a sophomore in high school right now. I'm taking AP Chem next year and most likely AP Bio my senior year.

I want to become a vet and I have a list of about 6 colleges with a pre-vet program. (I've looked at others these are realistic for me and I like their location). I want to apply to more schools but not all have a pre-vet program. My question is: can I major in biology for my first few years? I've heard thats good to have on an application for a vet school. Is that true?

Also do you know of any schools with good Biology programs?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Bio is definitely a good idea, but only if there isn't an animal science major. UC Davis has a great vet. program, and you would basically major in animal science as an undergraduate for that.

    Source(s): I go to Davisssss!!
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