Growing lemons, plums, and strawberries?

I'm so excited my mom said we could grow sme fruit. I really want strawberries! Can you grow a single plant in a really big pot? or do they need to be in the ground. I also love plums! How big do the trees grow? And is it possible to get a small tree no bigger than 10 feet? Also meyer lemons, are they small enough to grow in a large pot? My mom says the weeds would be too difficult to mess with and she wants to grow only plants that can fit in a pot. Thanks in advance(:

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    Growing a plum tree.;_ylt=AtTOWiogBS6su9...

    Growing strawberries;_ylt=AtTOWiogBS6su9...

    Growing a lemon tree;_ylt=A0oG7hr.ppxPiE...

    Keep in mind that all the plants you wish to grow take up a lot of room and need plenty of sun and not to mention they do need care. I'm only going to give specific info on a lemon tree. I have one that started in a 5 gallon bucket, it is now in an 8 inch pot and produces lemons. You have to prune the tree, trim the roots, and make sure it has constant moisture.

    Research before you start. Good luck.

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    Strawberries can be grown in a strawberry pot. It is a tall (24" ) pot with a hole in the top and several on the sides of the pot. Plant one strawberry plant in each hole. Fruit trees can be grown in pots but they do not do very well. You can get small plum and lemon trees but they grow! Plum trees reach 15' - 20' tall. Meyer lemons get just as tall and almost as wide. A Sweet Kumquat tree can be grown successfully in a large (24" diameter or larger) pot. Maybe try growing some vegetables in pots. Tomatoes and peppers do very well in pots.

    Happy gardening

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