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Maybe sick burmese python?

About 2 months ago i obtained a 7ft burmese python from my friend. The snake was healthy when we got him. Im a little worried because after we fed him last, the side of his mouth is partially open while the otherside is closed. I would really like help im just worried about my big baby and if hes sick or not. Thank you

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    Mouth Rot is a common disease in pythons. The earliest symptoms are small reddish spots along the gum line often accompanied with some excess mucus. In time, particularly if the snake is stressed, these symptoms may develop into full fledged mouth rot with the accompanying accumulations of a thick whitish matter along the gum and teeth line. Without opening the mouth, one sign of this disease is when a snake's mouth just doesn't close right, leaving a small, barely visible asymmetrical gap between the two jaws. Untreated this infection will ultimately affect the bone and kill the snake. Fortunately it is easily treated when recognized early on. There are home remedies, but I suggest asking a vet or reptile expert before starting the daily applications of hydrogen peroxide, Lystering®, or Neosporin® with a cotton swab will clear the infection within a week or two. If severe, with the teeth line extensively affected, a veterinarian should be consulted to administer antibiotics in addition to the topical therapy. Snakes infected with mouth rot should be isolated from other animals until they are healed.

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    I am no expert but seen online when a ball python has his mouth open it could be of mites or something else thats bad it is probaly the same for yours look online of a little and take him to the vet

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    Did you feed him alive or frozen. Try closing his mouth or try looking for a bite, He could have rot mouth i would seriously take him to the vet if you carried about him.

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