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prometrium for irregular periods?

my periods have been irregular for close to a year now, they're extremely heavy and bring mind numbing cramps with them. i consulted my doctor and she told me to research and consider prometrium. but i'm confused. everything i've read is saying that prometrium is used for getting your period.. but i want mine to be lighter and less frequent. i'm not on birth control and never have been. my body is really sensitive to any hormonal imbalance so i decided that birth control would be a bad idea..

mainly i just want to know if prometrium will decrease my period or make it stop completely while i take it orally every day, because the sites i've been looking at say it's used for pregnant women or people who's period won't start.

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    Prometrium is usually for women who want fertility right away, but it also works to build up the lining of the uterus. Maybe she wants you to menstruate more regularly, with the hope of decreasing symptoms. It is also a hormonal therapy.

    I would rather prescribe birth control pills/ring/patch/lotion or the Mirena (intra-uterine device). If you're not looking to get pregnant, this is the first thing I would try. And if you choose, you can take 2 months in a row before taking a week long break. If you haven't tried it, it could really be worth your while.

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