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List three reason for why world war two had the greatest impact on obtaining a world power status?

Please make these reasons broad enough so I can write a paper on them.

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    Atomic bombs: this would change the ways we fight. For any countries that possess nuclear powers, They'd have the authorities.

    Airplanes: Aerial bombings were used effectively during the war and German blitzed Poland using airplanes and bombs.

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    1. world war two was the start of america getting nuclear weapons and this brought on the era in which the US could reign as the world power. The weapons brought down the Japanese empire within days of them being used and this showed the US was a militarily advanced Country.

    2. There where two sides to the fight, Axis and Allied: Axis: was a majority of western Europe and Japan, while allied was east and the US, and later the Soviet Union. This was the fight of mainly the big "world powers" to begin with and whichever came out on top would, most likely be named a world power.

    3.The simple fact of also Whoever cam out on top would have to take care of the war damages and cost of war after the war. They would assume the title of world power, because they would have the control over a majority of the world and would be responsible for them.

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