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Will my young guinea pig always be this energetic?

She runs around like a madwoman when I let her loose in my pig-proofed room :) I give her around two hours of floor time daily because she's always got so much energy! My pig is around six months old (but that is a guess-I did get her from a pet store). She's pretty small for a piggy, but I've had her for three months now and she hasn't grown in quite some time. Will she always be so energetic or will she calm down at some point? And do you think she is done growing by her estimated age?

Thanks :D

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    She may slow down a little, but just like with kids let loose on a playground after hours inside a house, she'll want to run around crazy for a bit to stretch her legs in a large space! They do most of their growing in the first few months, so she's probably about done growing. If you keep feeding her good healthy food, make sure she gets her vitamins, and get her to a vet once a year for check-ups, she'll live a lot longer and have a happy life!

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    She may do a little more. Dont be worried about the energy, she will slow down in time, Just realize you have in your guinea pig that others want to see in their pigs. You are very lucky and I am proud of the way you have interracted with her

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