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Best twitter app for iPhone?

I have MANY twitter accounts. I have them for fan base reasons and then my personal. I'm right now using echofon (the free version) which only allows me to add 2 accounts and the normal twitter app. It allows me to add many accounts but it's SO slow. I love it though don't get me wrong I just want to know if there are any other better twitter apps if I should get echofons full version or what? HELPPPP (:

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    at the same time as paying for new, they both are suited luxury. in spite of the indisputable fact that after a time passes nd your waiting to sale or get rid of one, the apple gadget receives get decrease back 70-80% of what you pay, at the same time as the android gadget in many circumstances will be out dated nd not even wanted by anybody. remarkable sturdy fortune wish this answer facilitates

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