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What do you think about bullying?

What's your stand/opinion on bullying? Why do you think it happens so often? Are you a bully/bystander/ or do you help someone when you see bullying happen? Just wanna know some of your opinions, I used to be a victim of bullying, I wanna look out for those who go through it and find out ways for it to stop.

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    I am totally against it. Schools, and organizations try their best to make society more aware, but this seems to have little affect, if any at all. Its human nature for us to act mean towards others. We just gotta retrain our brains to think about other's welfare, aswell as ourselves. I've been "bullied" all my life because I am a little different socially and I am sick of it, but I've just gotta learn to deal with it, and not take everything seriously. Bullying is a major issue that is everywherr we go, its in or schools, its in the workplace, its even in families. Everyone has been a bully at one time of their life. The same goes for being a bystander and a victim. I agree with you, though, bullying needs to stop!

    and one person can make a difference. "A waterfall begins with one drop of water" - The Power of One. So be that one drop of water. Be the difference. Because nothing is ever impossible!

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    I f*cking hate it when I see one of my friends being bullied or made fun off etc. the main reason for why i think it happens so often is that either the bully is jealous of the victim/s or the bully has confidence problems and whatnot so they bully others in order to give themselves more confidence and make them feel better about themselves. Not many people that in my school that i know of are bullied now im in secondary school now, I was bullied a bit when i was in my first of three primary schools (didnt move any of these times as a result of bullying) but i didnt really pay attention to them and they left me and my friends alone,

    I always wonder what thoughts go on in a bullies head when they are bullying someone x3

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    I think bullying is a serious problem, especially with the way kids use the internet as a way to harass. It might happen so often because kids are insecure with themselves and take it out on someone they think is an easy target. I used to get bullied for being short. I'm 24 years old now and I'm 4'9" so you can just imagine how short I was growing up. Now I have no problem sticking up for someone who is getting bullied. Some of these kids need to be put in check.

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    Bullying is becoming a serious problem and it's very unfortunate. I think it happens so often because of how society is raising kids and teenagers to act. Kids now assume that if someone is "different" then they automatically have the right to make fun of them for it. If I see someone being bullied, I will say something because I know what it feels like.

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  • first of bullying is mostly caused by people from a broken house (bad parents finacial problems etc)

    and yes i was onc a victim of bullying but then when i realised it this was not really hurting me that much so i continued on my mary way until one person had enough of me ignoring them this was a guy i wanted pay back for any way but he grabbed my shirt and winded up for the punch and that was my cue to completly bulistic the other bullies feard me the victims of his terror loved me but yeah bullying is a souroius issue it has caused suicide once not in my area ( i hope) but many around the world so if we dont stand together we will not be able to stand a chance

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    I hate bullies -.- i was bullied all my life, reeeaaally badly last year tho. so horriable. i came home crying every day. but i stick up for people who are being bullied, i stuck up for this one girl last yr which is actually what made everyone pick on me even more, just for standing up for her. i dont think bullying will ever stop though . bc ppl love to see people misreable -.- Dx

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    I think bullying is incredibly stupid. I am bullyed by the girl who used to be my best friend.

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