What element has the following set of four quantum numbers for its last auf bau electron?

4,2,-1, 1/2

please explain and answer

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  • 9 years ago
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    4, 2, -1, 1/2 means it's outermost electron is 4d2

    the electron configuration is [36Kr] 5s2 4d2

    the atomic number is 52 (Z = 52)

    therefore, the element is Zr (zirconium)

    hope this helps!

  • 4 years ago

    chlorine's atomic variety is 17. so the final electron is in n=3 (in n=a million we've 2 electrons and in n=2 we've 8 electrons. so there is 10 electron in this 2 layer) in n=3 we've s,p and d and 7 electron that's accessible. 2 of them pass in orbital s. we are in a position to have 5 others. for p, l=1and the third orbital has ml=+a million

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