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Renegade Visa check card for bakersfield college?

I want to know exactly what the card is, is it just a visa card for school? Is there a fee to get it ? Because i don't want a real credit card.

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    Its a debit card that your excess funds go on for living expenses. They have hidden and outrageous fees that go along with them. I suggest that once the money is put on it go to the bank and take it out. These people and other companies like them have been under the spot light for profiting from government funds, taking money out of the loans/pell grant that was the students to begin with. In theory the idea is great, but if you research these companies you will see many people are not happy with their practices. Read the fees and pay attention to what you are spending and where so you do not accrue the fees. I signed up for direct deposit but many schools are not offering this.

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