How do you use an if statment in wx python?

I I've read a tutorial but all the tutorial did was confuse me even more!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's the same as in any other Python...

    if x < 5:

    ... statements to do if x is less than 5

    ... more staements

    ... all at the same indent level


    ... statements to do if x is 5 or more

    ... more statements

    ... again, same indentation

    The "..." tokens are just for indentation. Pretend they are spaces or tabs.

    The "else:" part is optional. If you leave it off, the default is "else do nothing."

    You might want to learn Python basics in a simpler environment before messing with wxPython. The folks at say the same thing at the top of their "How to learn wxPython" wiki page:

    A framework like wxWidgets or tkinter makes developing a GUI application easier, but it is still involved. You don't want to be trying to absorb event-driven code while you're still working on the basics of types, expressions, and statements...and you should learn some intermediate concepts too, such as modules, classes and exceptions.

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