Drank someones urine for a week a few days after my last drink I started to feel burning in my urine why?

So is this just a unfortunate event or is it from drinking urine? I'm not sure what do you think? I was trying to see if I could get a bacteria one that would cause me to get sick and only have bad flu like symptoms. That way I could be treated for this with different antibiotics and to see if the symptoms would come back.

My little one (4yrs old) has been sick for over a year she has been on antibiotics every month for the past year . She had I bad habit at one time of licking things Bumper on my car from one end to another, People, children, Toys, Bath tub, Toilet seats & rims, public and home. (You name it she would lick it. I can‘t even remember everything.)

I have always believed that she picked up something. I believed it to be some type of bacteria. Our doctor said there was nothing to worry about. I’m just not sure. She has had blood test, urine test, x-rays, even some test to check her female parts.

My wife gave me this idea when our daughter was taken to the doctor’s for a rash and she said that it came back as strep. My wife said that her cold was strep and traveled though her body out the other end. That’s why I thought that if she did get something from licking toilet seats then so could I. But this hasn’t worked out so far and my wife refuses to take her into the doctors anymore. She is worried that she gets to many antibiotics and her immune system is being effected.

My kids symptoms are always the same Bad cough, runs high fever for a few nights but not all the time, throws up, says that her stomach hurts at times, will not have an appetite, and will just lay down because she doesn’t feel well. You know she is not feeling good when she go’s to her room and just lays down.

My wife believes me to be crazy and said that this was an unhealthy mater. I’m I going nuts am I crazy????

What is your opinion???

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  • 9 years ago
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    What in the world, and why were drinking someone's urine?

  • 9 years ago

    Bad age for infections. Most kids 4 and under get a cold or some kind of infection every month. Try not to be so crazy! It will pass. If she goes to pre-school this is more normal.

    You can't attend pre-school and be healthy!

    The question about the urine has been answered correctly in your previous questions.

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