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how can i accessorize my white prom dress?

I'm wearing "the pippa dress" to my prom and I was wondering what color make up, jewelry, and heels would look good with a white gown. Since it's prom, I definitely want to add a little fun and color.

the dress looks something like this:


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    I agree with Emily Kelly, you should definitely wear simple WHITE diamond jewelry, no colored accessories, it doesn't have to be real it can be feux diamond.

    Maybe long dangly diamond earrings, with a simple loose fitting diamond bracelet(not a thick bracelet) and a necklace with a diamond pendant :) I think u should do simple makeup, soft smokey eyes, very light makeup, and rosey colored blush, soft nude lipstick or maybe red lipstick :) oh and everything would fall in place if you do an updo hairstyle - a very simple one :).

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    You can keep it simple with white diamond jewelry to not take away from the dress, diamond studs for ears if hair is down, diamond dangle earnings if it is an updo.

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    I think red would look very nice. Especially with a gown like that.

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