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I need to look older for my new job, but make-up doesn't work. What can I do?

I got a job at an art gallery selling her photography and like a sales assistant. I'm 20 but I look 17, I know this because everyone tells me so. She said I can keep my job depending how I work so I want the customers to take me seriously. If they take me seriously must be because I don't look like a teenager. I tried a lot of sophisticated make up and tried to not look like I am a project lol. So what do I do now?

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    change your wardrobe, wear a blazer, a shirt and a nice pair of jeans, wear a nice piece of jewellry and straighten or curl your hair. if theres nothing you can do with your face, these will be your best option, 3 years shouldn't make a difference so don't worry!

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