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What is the meaning behind "Never Too Late?"?

Three Days Grace

I have my own interpretation but I want to hear others. I've become obsessed with this song, listening to it "over and over" (which is also a good song.)

After studying the first verse of the lyrics, I understand it to describe a person who:

Is not content with society and who doesn't fit in, yet is determined to find a place. He/she will not give up.

I don't think the chorus describes a dual struggle. I think the line, "Still I hear you say you want to end your life" refers to the singer-- in that he is divided in his thoughts, in contrast to the previous line, "Even if I say it'll be alright." But he keeps trying to tell himself that it's never too late.

The second verse describes how the singer has isolated himself and will not show his true colors. He's given up everything just to try and reach reconciliation, in contrast to the first verse, where he's maintained his humility.

The bridge describes hopelessness.

The chorus repeats. Overall I think the song describes the inner struggle of depression. Your hostility towards the world, the inner divide-- your dark thoughts, and your hopeful ones. Despite all the pain described in the bridge, the repeating of the chorus at the end leaves with hope-- the hope that one day, I'll feel better.

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