Am I too big for 6 Flags New Jersey? Please Help!!!!?

I'm a 6 foot 270-300 lb girl who's going to Six Flags for a school trip in a few weeks. My weight is pretty evenly proportioned through out my body but I have huge thighs and a large chest, but my gut isn't too bad lol. I wanna know if I safe to go on most rides or should I just stay home. If there's any rides I should stay away from let me know. I really don't want to go up to a ride with my friends then have to get off cause I'm too fat.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If the ride restraints can lock, then you're ok. Go have fun!

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    9 years ago

    OMG, I cant believe I'm reading this. This very same thing just happened to me and a friend. She da big one I da small one. (hehe) anywho, she is 5ft 4in tall and 199.9 lbs and she wanted to go on a ride wit me and when we went to the ride giver he said she to big to go on it and the safety belt wouldnt fit around her Uhemmm..! no sorta not flat stomach. There were like 50 people behind us waiting so it was crowded and she had to turn around and walk down the ramp squeezing her way through out the other people staring at her. She was so embarassed, me too alittle for being wit her. But the ride giver told me to tell here to get down to 140 and she could ride next yr. I went on the ride anyway with the man behind me and we had loads of fun waving down and laughing at all the people standing there. When I was done i told me friend bout the 140 lbs and next year came and she was done to 122 can u believe that? She done good fer herself and now im bigger than her. Damn that sucks.;( Just remember when you go there "loose the weight, and they open the gate" "keep on the pounds and they send you back down"! Good Luck, Honey Child

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  • 4 years ago

    Oh pass to the single in new jersey extremely that's via a ways the suited one. i've got ridden all the coasters there: Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, have not been on green Lantern yet yet each and every little thing else. it extremely is the largest one and it extremely has greater rides and greater desirable rides than the different 6 flags parks. i've got been there a minimum of as quickly as each year seeing that 2004 and it extremely is nevertheless my well-known entertainment park.

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