What color bathing suit would look good on me? ?

Well I'm pretty pale...Even if i go in the sun, I will only get a little tan. So what color suit (bikini) would look good with light skin? And could possibly make me look more tan? I have light brown hair w/ blonde highlights and blue eyes :)

Also, i dont have a big chest, so any suggestions on a style of bikini to make my boobs look good (haha) and me feel confident in my bikini? I'm skinny and pretty athletic btw...my body looks fine in a bikini, i just am sorta self-concious about my chest.


I was considering getting a neon lime green bikini from delia*s. what do u think?

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    8 years ago
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    Here are my opinions on the different colors you have to chose from:

    *RED-- If you are a red-head or have a bunch of freckles, avoid this because it might be going over the top

    *GREEN-- If you are brunette go for it!

    *YELLOW-- will just not work!... unless it is a darker mustard yellow... but that isn't a pretty shade so I say no!

    *NAVY BLUE-- Very very cute!

    *PURPLE-- Ok for any color hair you might have!

    *MAROON-- Looks good with anything. If you chose this color find it with a floral pattern (like tropical... not granny florals) with a teal blue or pink. I tried on a swimsiut this color and it looked really good with my fair skin.

    *ORANGE-- OK...but you could do better

    If you already have a medium green suit in mind, make sure it has other colors mixed in with it and get all of your accessories in those colors.

    Source(s): hope i helped (:
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  • 3 years ago

    i'm extremely mild and that i think of white swim fits (the two undemanding or with a coloured trend) look quite reliable. i like them! mild yellows, pinks, and blues that have white varieties additionally look reliable.

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  • 8 years ago

    Repost the question, with some pictures of you, so we can give you better advice.

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