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Should I give another girl's boyfriend a neck rub?

Here's the situation: It's a guy i've worked with for over a year, and we're REALLY good friends now. He's always kind of flirted with me, though. I almost left my job a few weeks ago, and he was tell me the things he'd miss about me if I had left. He started one of his sentences with the words: "You know I love you..." And he did that twice in five minutes. He also has this thing where he likes to shake people's hands randomly for no reason, and when he was saying that stuff he was holding onto my hand, like in a handshake, and wouldn't let go for atleast 15 seconds and he also put his arm around my shoulder. Later while I was doing something, he stood beside me so close that if I had turned my head to the side, our faces would've been close enough to kiss, and he didn't move for several seconds. Today at work, he said he neck was hurting and asked me to rub it while I was standing behind him. I did it, but I kinda felt bad because he wouldn't ask me if his girlfriend had been there. And when one of the managers joked about how he wanted to kiss me, they said he blushed, though he denied it of course. One time he stood behind me and started to put his head on my shoulders. Does it sound like he's flirting with me too much, or does he just see me as a friend/little sister? i'm only a year younger than him...

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    Sometimes we feel that chemistry with people we shouldn't. It doesn't make you crazy, but you need to put the brakes on now.

    If he cheats on her, he would cheat on you. We all have our moments of weakness.. so don't be the home wrecker.

    If others can see it, then its pretty obvious he is attracted to you. That doesn't mean either of you have to act on it.

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    No little sister here, my dear. He is coming onto you big time. He wants to kiss you and get on with a relationship. If the other girl is a real friend to you, you need to quit this job and get as far away from both of them as you can get.

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    I don't see a harm with it, honestly. At my office, I ask women all the time, married women or otherwise, if they could give me a neck rub. I'm not attempting to flirt with them or hit on them, I just really need a neck rub because of the long hours staring straight at the computer typing out reports, and my neck starts to cramp and strain.

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    I would suggest that you do not do it.

    If he's always flirted with you, you know there's tension there. If you give him a neck rub, it could give him the wrong idea or cause him to think about straying from his relationship.

    You said it yourself- you are friends. He's in a relationship. It's wrong.

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    Another person asked something like that just a min ago. There was a decent answer for it too. I cant see it any where, but I bet you could find it with the search section up there.

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    No. At this point it's harmless office flirting. This does not give you liberties to fondle someone who is otherwise taken. If he's serious about saying "I love you", he will first break it off with her. Until then, keep your hands off of him.

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    I don't think you care that he has a be totally honest. You felt bad because he wouldn't have asked you if his girlfriend had been there, which means she would take priority over you...and I don't think you like that.

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    he flirts with you and he has a girlfriend? stay the he(( away from him--if he cheats on her--he will cheat on you. and what goes around comes around and karma is a byotch...

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