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i dont want to give in!! :( boys tell me, what is going thru his mind! girls please help me also!!? :( thank u?

okay dont cmt saying thats your ex for a reason, i know that **** okay

after months of not talking to my ex , we started talking 2 wks ago.

we were trying to get back on track, well last night i chilled with my

male friend. nothing happened. i told my ex what happened, you know

i chilled with my friend and we had fun! i talked for nearly 10 min. straight.

i got home around 11:30pm , my ex called around 11:45pm.

i was sort of tipsy, not much! soon as i stopped telling him what happened.

my ex said he had a phone call and was going

to call me back cause he had a phone call! i said whos calling you at this time?

he said girl ima call you back and i havent heard from him since. its going on two days.

i dont want to contact him. ive always txtd him first, he never does. so whats going on?

is he mad? jealous? or what...

we were gonna try to get back on the level we were on. but maybe showing him that i can do good without him, going out. is that pushing him away?

something like this happened about 1 wk ago. he said he was going to call me back but never did. [ i didnt answer his call cause i was on the phone, i called him bout 10min. later &he asked why i didnt answer, i told him i was on the phone.]<-- i believe he was jealous then too. he didnt hit me up for a day but i didnt contact him first , and then finally he contacted me. maybe not this time?"/

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    You've already asked this before, go away!

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