What does everyone think of these names?


Oakley Easton.

Dawson Jayce.

Peyton Chord.

Beau Reilly.

Sebastian Clarence Reuben.

Jacob Elias Gabriel.

Jude Alec Henry.

Willem Thomas.

Jobe Felton.

Carson Dakota.

Lincoln Spencer Logan.

Cameron Hayden.

Hunter Grant Cody.

Cooper Noah Joel.

Jonah Asher.

Levi Knox Isaak.


Casey Tayler.

Paige Madison Piper.

Lily Avery Addison.

Olivia Grace Chloe.

Kate Ava Belle.

Iris Blair.

Amelia Hillary.

Eliza Kaylen.

Ainsley Spenser.

Sydney Cassidy.

Presley Finley.

Effie Harlo.

Ashley Jennifer Shay.

Rachael Lainey.

Gabriela Ana Bo.

Sofia Eva.

No i'm not pregnant, So i'm not naming any kids here.

Just want you guys to say your thoughts on these names, rate them & say your favorites and least favorites.


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    Just a warning, I'm going to pick on the spellings, so don't be offended. I'll also pick on gender innappropriate names.


    Oakley Easton. - Oakley is a brand. I don't like Easton. 2/10

    Dawson Jayce. - Dawson is odd and Jayce is a nickname for Jason. If anything, it should be spelled Jace. 4/10

    Peyton Chord. - Peyton is alright, but I don't like Chord. 4/10

    Beau Reilly. Beau is gorgeous, but I prefer Riley for spelling. Reilly is more of a surname (O'Reilly etc). 7/10

    Sebastian Clarence Reuben. - I love Sebastiance and Reuben, but not Clarence. 8/10

    Jacob Elias Gabriel. - Gorgeous!! 10/10

    Jude Alec Henry. - So gorgeous :) I'd prefer Alexander over Alex though. Jude Alexander Henry = 10/10. Jude Alec Henry = 9/10

    Willem Thomas. - Willem is just a little too old fashioned. William Thomas would be gorgeous! William Thomas = 10/10. Willem Thomas = 7/10

    Jobe Felton. - I don't like either name 1/10

    Carson Dakota. - 7/10. I like Carson, but not Dakota

    Lincoln Spencer Logan. - 5/10 Lincoln doesn't seem like a first name. It'd be 8/10 if it was Logan Spencer Lincoln

    Cameron Hayden. - 9/10 Gorgeous :)

    Hunter Grant Cody. - I like Hunter Cody, but not Grant Hunter Grant Cody = 9/10

    Cooper Noah Joel. - Gorgeous :) 9/10

    Jonah Asher. They don't flow very well, but gorgeous names 8/10

    Levi Knox Isaak. Isaac with a c is better :) Levi Knox Isaac = 10/10 :) Gorgeous!


    Casey Tayler. - Taylor with an o is better. Casey's alright, but not my favourite 5/10

    Paige Madison Piper. - So gorgeous! 10/10

    Lily Avery Addison. - Avery and Addison are boy's names. Lily is beautiful. 10/10 for Lily, 0/10 for Avery Addison

    Olivia Grace Chloe. - So beautiful! 10/10

    Kate Ava Belle. - Gorgeous 9/10

    Iris Blair. - I don't like Iris. Blair is gorgeous! Iris - 3/10 Blair - 9/10

    Amelia Hillary. - Gorgeous :) 8/10 I also like Emilia for spelling of Amelia

    Eliza Kaylen. - Eliza is gorgeous, but Kaylen isn't 7/10 for the pair, 4/10 for Kaylen

    Ainsley Spenser. - Spencer should have a c and is a boy's name. Ainsley is also a boy's name, but it's a bit more lenient. 8/10 for Ainsley, 1/10 for Spencer

    Sydney Cassidy. - Sydney's an Australian city. It's not very feminine either. 5/10 for Sydney, 7/10 for Cassidy

    Presley Finley. - Presley is a surname. Finley is a boy's name. 0/10 for the pair. 1/10 for Presley on either gender. 0/10 for Finley on a girl. 10/10 on a boy

    Effie Harlo. - Effie is too much of a nickname. Harlow should have a w. 3/10 for the pair

    Ashley Jennifer Shay. - Eh, it's ok. Doesn't really pop out at me but there's nothing really to fault. 7/10

    Rachael Lainey. - I prefer Rachel but either way's fine. Lainey's alright. 8/10 for the pair.

    Gabriela Ana Bo. Beau is a boy's name, meaning handsome. Bo isn't a name. Gabriella looks prettier with two l's and Anna should have two n's. Gabriella Anna - 9/10, Bo - 3/10

    Sofia Eva. - Beautiful :) 10/10

    My favourite boys' names were:

    Jacob Elias Gabriel

    Jude Alexander Henry

    William Thomas

    Levi Knox Thomas/Levi Thomas Knox

    Favourite girls' names:

    Paige Madison Piper

    Olivia Grace Chloe/Olivia Chloe Grace

    Sofia Eva

    :) You had some really beautiful names in there, but a lot of them were a bit too 'unique'

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    They look cool, but i dont know if they in style as of now, mayb.

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    the entire "names being teased" is purely an excuse for them to assert a reason they do in comparison to a attractiveness. actuality learn, infants are no longer teased for their names (until eventually their something somewhat ill or for sure a be conscious). I advise, i understand a lot of infants with unusual names that are under no circumstances made relaxing of (Scooter, Scooner, Tracer, Racer, Chaser, and Punky are all siblings. Their all boys apart from Punky, who's a woman. None of them are made relaxing of). So, do no longer agonize approximately that. :) and you're suitable, those with popular/renowned names are probable to alter into pissed off with the confusion. human beings do purely in comparison to being between the various, for the main section, and somewhat like some individuality. I somewhat like Ezekiel. Biblical, style in nicknames, good... amazing. i actually became listening to a Zac tell me all approximately how he desires he became named Zeke. How Zeke became this sort of cool and relaxing call, yet Zac became purely worry-loose and grotesque. he's barely interior the 6th grade, yet he appeared to for sure choose Zeke. So, save Ezekiel. i like it. it is likewise one in all my sister's fashionable names, and that i think of she chosen good. :) -- Amy

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    Lots of interesting names. Some of them don't flow too well, though.

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  • 9 years ago

    they are pretty unique and they dont really flow. i like the name Jacob and rachael

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